5 Quick Tips for Selling Your Home in August 2011

05 Aug

1. Price it Right From the Start

It is crucially important [to us] that we … price our
listings correctly right out of the gate. We know it is difficult in today’s
volatile market to place the correct price on any property. However, the consequences
to the seller if we don’t do this can be severe for two reasons. First, in a
market where prices continue to decline, any additional time taken to sell the
home only means a lower selling price. The other reason: research has shown
that properties that have experienced price adjustments wind up taking longer
to sell and sell for less money no matter what the current market conditions

(For more on this second point, read Harmful Effects from Changing the Listing Price).

2. Window of Opportunity

While the banks are trying to correct and substantiate their
foreclosure paperwork, large inventories of distressed properties coming to
market have been delayed. That gives our current listing inventory a ‘window of
opportunity’ to sell before the additional downward pressure of these
distressed properties is felt.

3. Conforming Loan Limits 

It will take an act of Congress to keep loan limits from falling
on government backed jumbo loans in many of the higher priced regions in the
country this October. This will result in consumers paying as much as ½ to ¾ of
a point more on the rate of their 30 year mortgage.

(For a map of the regions possibly impacted and a schedule of
the new loan limits, click

4. August is a Great Time for Education

The two best months for real estate professionals to take
education are August and December. These months rank 11th and 12th
in regard to transaction counts in most markets. That means that the time
invested in taking a class in either of these months is less expensive when
factoring in possible lost business …

5. Remember, it’s up to YOU

Let’s keep it simple. Your success is determined
by one and only one thing: your
commitment to it
. Don’t just want success [in this market] – BE COMMITTED TO IT!

From: The KCM Crew

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