Texas State Fair

05 Sep

The State Fair of Texas has been held each fall since 1986. The state fair this year will occur from September 30ththrough October 23rd. For many attendees, the annual battle between the Oklahoma Sooners and the University of Texas will be held on October 8th at 11:00 AM at the Cotton Bowl. Tickets are already on sale and will cost approximately
$238 per seat. For me, the thought of spending $476 to watch a three-hour game of football between two college teams, for which I do not know the name of a
single player, is incomprehensible. But 96,000 genuine college football fans, who will collaboratively spend 23 million to attend the game, disagree with me.
It just goes to show you that the adage “different strokes for different folks” is true.

We took our grandson, Brian, who had come to visit us in McKinney, to the State Fair last year. He had never been to the fair so we got to treat him to his first “Fair Attendance Experience.” We also brought my mother-in-law and a couple friends to join us for the day.

To make the day more fun, we boarded the Dallas Dart Train in Allen, just a 10 minute drive from McKinney.
The train is comfortable, safe and immaculately clean. We were fortunate to all have seats during our 45 minute ride to Fair Pair, where our Day At The Fair began.

We arrived at 11:30, and as tradition, the first thing we did was to get food. One of the Fair’s favorites,
and one of The Neel Group’s, has been Fletcher’s corn dogs served with an ice-cold Coke and freshly fried French fries.

After our thoroughly fried lunch, we split up to see all the exhibits. Such as handmade quilts, fried ice
cream, fried pickles, and many carnival rides. Brian rode airplanes, race cars and mini trains. I think it’s safe to say that it was the most fun he had for the first three years of his life. Glenda, Brian and I rode the 220’ tall Ferris wheel and saw a spectacular view of Fair Park and the Dallas Skyline, but not even that was comparable to the look of joy and excitement on our grandson’s face.

Afterwards, our group reunited in time to have a walk through the animal barns where regional farmers brought their show stock. We petted long horn cattle, horses and a 2,000 pound male hog. After a look at the new cars on display in the Auto Building, we gathered near the exit gate where we took the time to try the funnel cakes, load up on saltwater taffy, and grab cold drinks before we took a block’s walk to catch the Dart Rail back to Allen.

We had a wonderful time treating our three-year old grandson, spending time with friends and family and just having a wonderful time loving each other. No football or $238 tickets for two and truthfully, the entire day at the fair cost no more than $100.

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