Ways You Can Remodel Your Kitchen With Little $$$!

14 Nov

In McKinney, Texas, kitchens are what sell homes and with a dingy outdated kitchen it can be very difficult make your home marketable, but that doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage to afford remodeling your kitchen! With these simple tips you’ll be enjoying a great, newly finished kitchen at a fraction of the cost you may have in mind.

TIP # 1


Adding a bit of fresh paint or staining the cabinets you already have are simple and CHEAP way to brighten the rest of the room! Adding new hardware can as well create a more uniformed and modern look that appeals to most everyone!

TIP # 2 


Kitchen floors have endless possibilities, but be sure you keep an eye on your budget! Affordable wood laminate and peel & stick tile can offer a cheaper alternative floor to the expensive choices of hardwood, or travertine flooring! Whatever choice you make be sure to stick to your budget, most experts will agree that the high-priced items that bring the most bang for your buck come along in the next tip!

TIP #3


Granite countertops offer an instant look of satisfying appeal to most buyers, but this hefty cost can add quite the hole in most home owner’s budgets if you aren’t mindful of the prices. While many say that the investment in kitchens belong on the counters you can opt for concrete or granite overlay counters as a cheaper stylish alternative!

TIP #4


Kitchen appliances, while very important, can be very expensive to replace! So to save money try to reuse the appliances you already have, and if they look really dated look for blowout deals for more modern cheap appliances. Another great alternative is having your appliances professionally painted for a look that matches the feel and style of your new kitchen!

TIP #5


Last, but not least, updating your light fixtures in the kitchen is an extremely cheap way to add a fresher look to the room. Great deals on fixtures can be found at your local McKinney hardware store for those who are reaching the cap on their budget!

With these tips you can be sure that your beautiful home will now have a newly remodeled gorgeous kitchen to match just ready for hungry buyers to get a hold of! For more information about remodeling your kitchen, or any other part of your kitchen, visit your local McKinney Hardware store for personalized advice!


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