What We Are Thankful For

24 Nov

We have had a great response from our friends and followers. Of our many responses, we noticed quite a few recurring “Thanks” and in many cases, they overlapped!  As promised, here is our list of some of the Best Things to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving! Listed below are some of our favorite “Thanks”

1.) Family

2.) Friends

3.) Salvation and Safety

4.) Health

“We are thankful for God, our family, our church friends, our home, our health, strength to finish the fence, waking each morning to a new day… There’s so many things we are thankful for!! we are so very thankful for LOVE… of each other, of our friends… I think we would encompass everything we are thankful for with that one word that has so many meanings… LOVE.” -John and Linda Goins

“I’m thankful to have you and Joe as our friends!” -John Williams

“I could go on and on, I’ve been blessed more than I deserve!”

“Loving Our New Home!!” – Lee Sylvester

“I’m thankful for health, family and friends. I’m thankful for our brave men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for the freedom we so often take for granted.” -Paula Atkins

“I’m just so happy that everyone in my life is happy and healthy for this Holiday Season!” -Michelle Wanttie

“My two beautiful great-grandbabies!”

“A home, a car…”

“My wonderful friends!”

If you simply must know who we are quoting, simply ask! However, many people asked to remain anonymous.



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