A Full Service Hospital for McKinney

24 Jan

Baylor McKinney Hospital

Complete Medical Care Here in our City

The New Baylor McKinney Hospital, located at the northwest corner of Hwy 380 and Lake Forest Drive is rapidly nearing completion. It is scheduled to open in July of 2012. The seven story building, together with the adjacent Physicians building and multistory parking building is the most commandeering structure in the city of McKinney.

The Facility will initially provide 95 hospital beds and will employ about 350 people. As the city of McKinney and other surrounding communities continue to grow, the building will as well be able to grow and provide 400 beds with a staff 700 personnel.

The impressive list of medical special care services to be provided by Baylor McKinney includes:

Cancer Services

Heart and Vascular Service

Imaging Services

Digestive Services

Internal Medical Services

Neurology Services

Orthopedic Services

Surgical Services

Women’s Care Services

No one wants to go to a hospital, but if an emergency arises it is vitally reassuring to know that we in McKinney have a full service provider medical facility-no more than two and a half miles (about 5 minutes) away. Because Baylor McKinney will be a full service Medical Facility, there will be no reason to drive to any other medical facility. We will have every medical care service right here in McKinney, Texas.

Click here for more information regarding the new Baylor McKInney Medical Center

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