Top 10 Ways to Make Home Buyers Hate Your House-

12 Mar

1. The Smells

Odors are the first thing to turn a possible buyer off of your property. Cigarette smoke, pets and mildew are the first things to worry about.

Get rid of the odors rather than covering them up with a temporary “fix-all”.

2. Over-bearing dogs

Some people may be scared of a dog that meets you at the door or in the driveway. If you control or contain your pet you will get a much better response. A common idea is to simply put the pet in a room or in the garage and ask people to not go in such areas – bad idea. Someone may think you have something to hide in that room that would turn them away from buying.

Every room and space of the house should be open to inspection by anyone that views it.

3. Bathrooms that are Dirty

Gross bathrooms are going to turn away any person that walks into one. Doe what ever you have to do to make sure your bathroom is glimmering and shinning.

4. Lowly Lit Areas

Try to brighten up whatever areas of the house are not receive much light.

-Change out any bulbs that may need replacements

-Add lights

-Install a quality skylight

-Get rid of heavy window coverings

-Repaint rooms with dark colors

-Take out limbs that throw shadows on the house

It will also be beneficial to clean windows (inside and out) to bring in more light and get rid of fogginess.

5. Busy Wallpaper

If your house has rooms upon rooms of busy wallpaper you may want to consider removing or replacing it. Wallpaper is a personal choice that may not be mirrored by someone even if they are a fan of wallpaper in general.

Make sure you don’t just paint over it because it will be very obvious and make it more difficult to remove.

6. Moist Basements

Dampness or stagnant smells in the basement could make the buyer think that the foundation leaks even if it is simply from clogged drains, lack of gutters or downspouts that are aimed the wrong way.

7. Insects

Anything that creeps, crawls or slithers must go!

8. Lack of Curb Appeal

The front of the house is the first thing any buyer will see; it must be amazing. Even if you don’t completely refresh the coat of paint on the house, simply fix rickety doors and get the lawn in great shape.

9. Plants Growing in the Gutter

If your gutters are not maintained a buyer will wonder what else isn’t.

10. Seller being there for a showing

Leave the house during showings! A buyer could feel awkward; like they are lingering or intruding. Give them some breathing room and let them take a good look at the house they might want to buy.



These things can be corrected at a minimal cost. Do it before you put your house on the market so it doesn’t acquire a poor reputation with agents and end up at the end of a list of showings to a potential buyer.

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