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How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The majority of buyers decide whether they will go inside a house or not based on what the exterior. The more time you spend on the outside of your house, the more time a buyer will want to spend on the inside.

Simple Curb Appeal Exercise –

Think to yourself:

What is my first impression of my house?

What are the best features of the outside of the house? How can I enhance those features?

What are the worst features of the house? How can I reduce those features?


Park where a buyer would leave their car and walk up to your house as they would. Is there anything about the exterior that you would notice first? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Take pictures of the outside of the house. Look at the pictures in black and white; it is easier to see the problem areas this way.

Make a list of projects that need to be completed. Things as simple as:

-Kill mold and mildew

– Put away tools and unsightly objects

-Clean windows and gutters

-Pressure wash siding, decks and sidewalks

-Kill weeds and edge sidewalks


-Get rid of leaves

-Keep tree limbs away from the roof


Don’t forget the back of the house.

You should spend just as much time maintaining the back of the house as you do the front. Chances are, buyers will do their best to see what the backyard looks like.


What does it look like at night?

Try adding some (tasteful) lighting. Accent lighting could have a huge impact on a buyer driving past the property at night. What ever you do, DO NOT leave Christmas lights up past the holiday season.



-Fresh paint really makes a difference

-Front doors leave an impression. Try something with glass.

-Think of everything from stains to hardware (doorknobs etc.)

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Increase in Home Sales in DFW Area

Statistics (just released by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University) show clearly that the worst of the down turn in single-family home sales in the DFW area is behind us. For the past eight months, through February of 2012, home sales were higher than each month for the comparable time in 2011. In particular, January 2012 saw a 9% increase sales over January 2011 and February 2012 saw an increase of 27% in single-family home sales over February 2011. This is very good economic news for our area. The total number of single-family homes sold in the DFW area for February 2012 was 4649. The median home price for these sold homes was up by about 1% over 2011. The average number of days these homes were on the Market for 2012 was 91 days compounded to 102 days for February 2011.

Another favorable indicator for February 2012, the number of homes offered for sale for the DFW area (NTREIS) was 27, 836, which indicates that the inventory of available homes for sale is down by 22% over February 2012.

by Joe Neel

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